Jiangsu Satellite TV brought CCTV's famous mouthpiece Liu Yiwei, actor Wang Maolei and host Peng Yu to Qu Gu's Navel Orange Deep Processing Food Special

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On the morning of August 27, Peng Quan, member of the Party group of Hubei Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, Secretary of the Party group and director of the Provincial Intellectual Property Office, came to Qugu group to investigate the work of geographical indications. Huang Chuanxi, Secretary of the Party group and director of Yichang market supervision bureau, and Wan Dan, deputy head of Zigui County People's government, participated in the investigation.

Pending close to the theme of the era of poverty alleviation and helping the development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt, Jiangsu Satellite TV's public welfare visit program "Going Home from the End of the Yangtze River" was filmed in Zigui. Wherever it went, the program team gathered all forces to find suitable local The characteristic products of sustainable development, carefully prepared and completed a live webcast of the local "collection of specialty products", and recommended local characteristic agricultural products to audiences across the country.

On October 27, the program team came to Qu Gu Group. CCTV gourmet Liu Yiwei, Wuhan actor Wang Maolei and Jiangsu Satellite TV host Peng Yu joined Qu Gu's special live delivery team.

On the same day, the live broadcast room was set up in Qugu Group's Orange Song Hall. The live broadcast lasted for one hour. Zigui's seasonal navel orange-Quxiang autumn orange September red and Qugu's navel orange deep-processed delicacies were recommended on the spot: navel orange cake, orange honey, orange fruit fishing, orange candied fruit and orange peel silk. Jiangsu Satellite TV's contracted talent Wan Wan Anchor and Wang Maolei's teacher gave fans a taste of various navel orange deep-processed delicacies in the live broadcast room. Qu Gu Group's staff introduced the unique technology and taste characteristics of navel orange deep-processed products to fans in detail, and gave very favorable prices. Fans placed orders one after another.

After the live broadcast, anchor wan wan and teacher Wang maolei tasted qu gu navel orange wine. teacher Wang was full of praise for qu gu vanilla beauty dry red wine, saying that the wine had a nice name and a very good taste. he had drunk all kinds of red wine produced in many countries, and navel orange dry red wine was the first time he had drunk it, and the taste was very good.

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