Qugu Citrus Deep Processing Ability Improvement and Central Kitchen Construction Project Officially Started

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On June 16, 2020, the commencement ceremony of the production capacity improvement and central kitchen construction project of Qugu citrus intensive processing was held. All the staff of the general manager office of Qugu group, all the management personnel and some management personnel above the director level of the workshop, as well as the responsible persons of the construction unit and the supervision unit, attended the commencement ceremony. The commencement ceremony was presided over by Hu Zhaoxing, deputy general manager of the group.
First of all, Dong Xiaoli, deputy general manager of Qu Gu Group, introduced the basic situation of the project. Dong Zong introduced: the construction unit of the project is Hubei Juwang Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., and the supervision unit is Hubei Three Gorges Construction Project Management Co., Ltd. The project newly built 1#, 2#, 3#, 4#, 5#, 6#, 7 Qugu food workshops, with a total construction area of about 7097.02 square meters; a new two-story modern processing workshop, with a total construction area of about 3472.10 square meters. On the one hand, the project can speed up the integration of Zigui navel orange and the construction of Qugu industrial tourist attractions. Extend the citrus industry chain, improve the level of industrial development, promote the marriage of citrus culture and tourism, and make Qu Gu a good place for tourists to taste fruits, drink alcohol, eco-tourism and sightseeing, thus driving the prosperity of Zigui tourism and the development of county economy. On the other hand, the central kitchen is based on Zigui's local agriculture and looks at the national market to create a model for the development of Zigui's new format. It is not only conducive to promoting the implementation of rural revitalization, but also promoting the development of targeted poverty alleviation, county economy, food safety and food culture, and exploring a new way for Zigui's agricultural quality and efficiency improvement and polishing Zigui's agricultural signboard. It can also promote the development of packaging, logistics, printing and other industries and provide 100 jobs. Through the brand management of the central kitchen, the enterprise will obtain the expansion of reproduction funds and intangible assets such as market share and brand, and actively promote the development and growth of the enterprise itself.
Subsequently, Zheng Bangcheng, general manager of Hubei Juwang Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., and Song Ting, general manager of Hubei three Gorges Construction Project Management Co., Ltd., made statements respectively, saying that they would strictly abide by the national engineering construction norms and technical specifications, strictly follow the requirements of the bidding documents, strictly follow the construction period of the contract, and complete the construction with quality and quantity with an attitude of excellence. Deliver a high-quality project with high taste, high standard and high quality to Qigu Group.
Finally, Li Zhenglun, chairman of the group, announced the commencement of the project.
The start of the project, greatly boosted the morale of employees, employees have said: under the epidemic, the company can still have such a major project to start construction, as Qu Gu very proud. We will make every effort to build a good company with our own hands, publicize the company with our own mouth, witness the development of the company with our own eyes, and strive to build a 4A industrial tourist attraction as soon as possible.

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