Qu Gu Group's Group Meeting Successfully Achieved

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On January 15, 2020, Liu Hongfu, vice mayor of Yichang City, and his party came to Qu Gu Group to express their condolences to Chairman Li Zhenglun, an expert enjoying State Council allowances.

The golden pig waved his tail to say goodbye to the old year, and the lucky rat reported the spring and welcomed the new year! On January 20, 2020, Hubei Qugu International Agricultural Group held a grand "stick to the original heart and win-win future" to welcome the Spring Festival! More than 500 people including all employees, family members, retired old leaders, old employees, and special guests of Qugu Group gathered together to witness this annual feast.

At 15:58, Hu Zhaoxing, deputy general manager of the group, presided over the announcement of the official start of the annual feast.

First of all, Mr. Li Zhenglun, Chairman of the Group, delivered a New Year's message. Li Dong looked back on 2019 with deep feeling. 2019 is a year of steady development of the group. Qu Gu is proud of a series of honors, such as "national agricultural industrialization leading enterprise", "national intellectual property advantage enterprise", "provincial invisible champion demonstration enterprise in subdivision field" and "provincial poverty alleviation leading enterprise". Overcoming the difficulties of Sino-US trade friction, we have achieved two remarkable achievements of "Zigui first in foreign trade export and Yichang first in foreign trade export growth; production has carried out comprehensive technological transformation, energy saving and consumption reduction, record-breaking output, sharp drop in production costs, stable product quality and employee income growth. The domestic trade market is fully developed, the sales staff are full of energy, the market channels are more grounded, and the sales orders continue one after another. Industry-university-research cooperation always innovates and innovates everywhere, presenting consumers with a series of healthy foods such as" orange candied fruit "and" orange peel silk ". Citrus Industry Chain Experience Hall, open the door to welcome guests and let Zigui navel orange, a business card, shine brighter and brighter in Qu Gu. The achievements of industrial poverty alleviation also demonstrate Qu Gu's social responsibility. Li Dong is looking forward to the 2020 with confidence. In the new year, Qu Gu closely followed the pace of "rural revitalization", insisted on implementing the new development concept, continued to promote technological innovation, and moved towards informatization, intelligence, and digital cloud, so that the group will always be full of vitality; deep integration of tertiary industry, Work hard from "garden factory" to "park factory", tell good product stories, innovate sales models; insist on customer-centered, improve quality, and provide good service; insist on selecting talents, cultivate a tiger-wolf division with high loyalty and strong combat effectiveness.
Ms. Dong Xiaoli, Deputy General Manager of the Group, reported on the production and operation in 2019 on behalf of the Group.
Director Zhang Zhongkui's wife, Ms. Liu Qiong, spoke passionately on behalf of the staff's family members.
Retired employee representative Ms. Xu Zongju took the stage to speak
Min Zeping, who has achieved more than 100 million personal foreign trade export performance in 2019, came to the stage as an employee representative to send everyone the blessing of the New Year.
stage of artistic performance
The cultural performance kicked off in the hot dance "Love Alliance" of the Finance Department. Qu Gu's departments wrote and directed themselves, and each showed their strengths, presenting wonderful programs for everyone.
Deputy General Manager Dong Xiaoli led Qu Gu's beauties to show the charm of yoga
The elegant and dignified Song of Qu Gu will bring you a visual feast and show the feminine beauty to the fullest!
Deputy General Manager Hu Zhaoxing Leads Ten-Year Loyalty Award Winners
Song Jinli, Wu Xianhong and Jiang Lihua recite "Ten Years"
Looking back on Qu Gu's 14-year struggle!
Wonderful wave after wave
During the performance, a warm January collective birthday PATY was set up, as well as rounds of exciting awards and red envelopes. Grand prizes were successively produced, generous prizes were continuously delivered, applause and cheers were kept coming and going, one wave after another, and the climax of the annual meeting was repeated.
Recognition of outstanding gratitude to have you
In 2019, Qu Gu Group has achieved fruitful results, which cannot be separated from the unremitting efforts of all employees. In order to inherit the spirit of enterprise and demonstrate the power of example, the group commended the employees who performed well in 2019, awarded a total of 35 awards for outstanding individuals and outstanding teams, and issued honorary certificates and prizes to them. At the same time, it called on every employee to step on the waves and make a difference!
How could such a happy moment be missing the exciting part of the lottery? The program group piled up the prizes to the venue early, and there was thunderous applause and cries at the scene of the two lottery draws!
"Singing the Motherland" together on and off the stage, the stage of artistic performance is all over.
Dinner Talk Friendship Stage
Finally, everyone raised their glasses together, talked about friendship, blessed each other and clinked glasses with each other. The atmosphere was warm and lively, warm and peaceful.
The New Year's party has come to an end. Let us remember these familiar smiling faces and thank all the staff again for their hard work! The past glory should not be forgotten, and a better tomorrow needs to make persistent efforts! 2020, let us concentrate our efforts and achieve better results!

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