Li Zhenglun, Chairman of Qu Gu Group, Led Domestic Trade Team to Attend the 16th Wuhan Agricultural Expo

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On November 20, Yichang Rural Revitalization Industry Association was established and held the first general meeting of the first member. Nearly 100 persons in charge of the Organization Department of the Yichang Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Agriculture and Rural Bureau, and the Civil Affairs Bureau and all members of the association attended the meeting. Li Zhenglun, chairman of Qu Gu Group, was elected as the vice president of the association at the conference as one of the important sponsors.

On November 23, 2019, the 16th Wuhan Agricultural Expo, organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the People's Government of Hubei Province, was held at the Wuhan International Expo Center. Li Zhenglun, chairman of Qugu Group, led the company's domestic trade team to participate in this event, as a representative of Zigui County enterprises to showcase modern agricultural development, new agricultural technologies, new varieties, and new achievements, and to publicize and display products. At the exhibition site, Liu Hongfu, vice mayor of Yichang City, went to Qu Gu's exhibition area to guide the deep processing of citrus, tasted the new products orange candied fruit and orange peel silk, and praised Qu Gu's products for their first-class taste.

In the afternoon, the 10th Hanyi Agricultural Business Agricultural Super Meeting was held in the Jiangtian Hall of Wuhan Intercontinental Hotel. Zigui County Qugu Food Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Huaye Group signed a Zigui navel orange purchase agreement.


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