Bakery China 2019 ends perfectly

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From May 1 to 5, 2019, Song Jinli, manager of the Foreign Trade Department of Qugu Group, led a team to participate in the 125th Spring Canton Fair.

The annual China International Bakery Exhibition (Bakery China) has come to a perfect conclusion in Shanghai. Bakery China has held 22 sessions so far. It is a very mature and professional exhibition. Bakery China 2019 is particularly grand:
More220,000Square Meters
More120Countries and regions gathered merchants

As a new face of the baking industry, Qu Gu Group has been committed to the development and promotion of navel orange baking raw materials. This year is the second time Qu Gu has participated in this grand gathering. Orange peel dices, orange peel shreds, navel orange sauce, canned orange slices, canned oranges, canned yellow peaches and other products have all appeared and won the praise of new and old customers.


As Qu Gu's fist product in the baking channel, orange peel dicing has received inquiries from more than 200 customers. Among them, Japan's Itochu, Zhilanya, Beiyi, Haobang, Bora, Chengdu Youqu, Zhongnong Jinma and other baking industry leaders have also extended olive branches one after another, which is expected to push the promotion of orange peel dicing and orange sauce to a new height in 2019.


The citrus industry, Qu Gu, is responsible for the deep processing of citrus. Qu Gu thanks again for the support of new and old customers. With your support, we are full of confidence.








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