Party and government delegation from Xingshan County came to our company to inspect the citrus deep processing project.

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On April 11, the "Qu Gu Teaching and Research Base" of the Party School of the CPC Yichang Municipal Committee was officially listed in Hubei Qu Gu International Agricultural Group.

On April 27, 2019, the Xingshan County Party and Government Delegation, accompanied by Zigui County Party Committee Secretary Lu Hui, County Party Committee Deputy Secretary and County Mayor Yang Yong and other leaders, inspected the citrus deep processing project of Hubei Qugu International Agricultural Group. Li Zhenglun, Chairman of Qugu Group, led the leaders to visit the agricultural culture exhibition hall, product exhibition hall and production workshop site of Qugu Group, and introduced in detail the development history and future planning of citrus deep processing.
Over the years, Qu Gu Group has been committed to the construction and extension of the citrus industry chain, and has strengthened industry-university-research cooperation. It has successfully established the Hubei Citrus Processing Engineering Technology Research Center, the Citrus Deep Processing and Comprehensive Utilization Research and Development Center, the Wuling Mountain Characteristic Agricultural Products Efficient Comprehensive Utilization of Hubei Province Engineering Center, Enterprise Technology Center, National Citrus Fresh-keeping Technology Research and Development Center, and Academician Expert Workstation "One Station" One Station Five Centers, innovative research and development of a number of citrus zero waste deep processing scientific and technological achievements. At present, the company can industrially produce orange wine, orange vinegar, orange sugar, orange tea, orange sauce, orange rice dumplings, orange cakes and other deep-processed citrus products, and at the same time extend and develop more than 30 deep-processed downstream products, truly realizing the "zero waste" comprehensive utilization and industrial chain production of "from flower to fruit, from skin to dregs" and "eating dry and squeezing out, it fills the blank of domestic citrus comprehensive utilization and deep processing project.

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