Chungui Xiajiang Orange is just in time for school-enterprise cooperation.

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From March 29 to 31, 2019, Ms. Dong Xiaoli, deputy general manager of Hubei Qugu International Agricultural Group and general manager of Hubei Lilun Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd., led Qu Gu's foreign trade team to the ancient city of Phoenix in western Hunan for a unique team building activity. The purpose of the activity is to strengthen the cohesion of the department, promote mutual understanding, mutual trust and cooperation among team members, enhance the competitiveness and combat effectiveness of the sales team, and finally achieve the annual sales target of the group.

4Month11Yichang Municipal Party School of the Communist Party of China"Qu Gu Teaching and Research Base" inLakeNorth Qugu International Agricultural Group isType listing. Yang Chengzhen, Director of Education of the Party School of the Municipal Party Committee,Li Zhenglun, chairman of Hubei Qugu International Agricultural Group, attended the awarding ceremony..

Qu GuGroupSince its establishment,Never forget"Development drives the masses to become rich"At first glance, it has now developed into a leading industry with citrus intensive processing, integrating agricultural product planting, processing, research and development, export, and refrigeration.11 subsidiariesThe Agricultural Industrialization Group. Li Zhenglun said,Qu GuGroupThe upper and lower levels will take advantage of the spring breeze of the listing of the municipal party school teaching and research base, give full play to the advantages of the industrial chain, go all out to do a good job of coordination, docking and cooperation, ensure the high-quality and efficient work of the teaching and research base of the municipal party schoolWordThe signboard gets brighter and brighter.

yang chengzhen pointed out that the party school of the municipal party committee, as the main channel and main front for the education and training of cadres,has been actively exploringNew Ideas, New Measures and New Models of Cadre Education and Training. Qu Gu Group is a demonstration base for agricultural science and technology innovation in Hubei Province. It is designated as the teaching and research base of the Municipal Party School, which is conducive to allowing a wider range of party members and cadres to understand the significance of promoting agriculture through industry and science and technology, and to integrate the advanced experience of agricultural industrialization. Digest and absorb, broaden the thinking of promoting economic and social development, and enhance the ability to lead the masses to get rich. Our school will strengthen the all-round deep-seated cooperation with the group,Give full play to the practical leading role of the teaching base, boost the education and training of cadres in Yichang to a new level, and helpYichang High Quality Development.

All trainees of Yichang Municipal Party Committee Organization Department, Yichang Municipal Party School, Zigui County Party School and Hubei Provincial Party School Branch Secretary Training CourseNearly 100 people participated in this event.Licensingactivities.

Yang Chengzhen Education DirectorRepresentativeCityParty School andLi Zhenglun, Chairman of Qu Gu GroupSigning 《Teaching and Research of the Party School of the CPC Yichang Municipal CommitteeBaseCooperationAgreement

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