Qu Gu Group Launches Lectures on Legal Knowledge

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From July 30 to 31, the 13th provincial trade union congress was held in Hanlong. Hu Zhaoxing, representative of the 13th Provincial Trade Union Congress, assistant to the chairman of the group, and chairman of the trade union, attended the event.

On the afternoon of August 28, 2018, the group headquarters held a lecture on legal knowledge. Han Qingkuo, representative of the 11th Party Congress of Hubei Province, representative of the 8th People's Congress of Xiling District, Yichang City, party branch secretary and director of Hubei Puji Law Firm, was invited As a lecturer, Dong Xiaoli, deputy general manager of the group, attended, and more than 60 people including all the administrative, financial, sales and workshop managers of the group company participated in the training.
Lawyer Han explained from the legal system of China's Contract Law, the object and scope of adjustment, the classification of contracts, the conditions for entry into force, invalidity, change, transfer and termination, and several common job-related crimes of employees of companies and enterprises. This paper focuses on the interpretation of the relevant contents of the contract Law, combined with the work experience and cases of lawyers, analyzes several common job-related crimes of enterprise employees, and calls on enterprise employees to learn various laws in their daily work. establish a sense of the rule of law, use legal weapons, govern enterprises according to law, strengthen enterprise management, and promote enterprise development.
During the lecture, lawyer Han also gave detailed answers to the legal problems encountered by employees in the work.
After the training, Mr. Dong spoke highly of lawyer Han's lecture and stressed that employees should take this training as an opportunity to learn various laws, cultivate legal awareness, standardize the development of enterprises with legal knowledge, strictly study, abide by and use the law, and improve their ability to deal with risks in the process of work.

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