Hu Zhaoxing, Assistant to the Chairman of the Group and Chairman of the Trade Union, attended the 13th Congress of the Trade Union of Hubei Province.

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From July 24 to 29, 2018, Dong Xiaoli, deputy general manager of the group, led the heads of the production department, quality inspection department, purchasing department, sales department and other departments to study and inspect fruit processing enterprises in Anhui and Zhejiang.

30 July31 days.The 13th Congress of Provincial Trade Unions was held in HanGrand convening. Hu Zhaoxing, representative of the 13th Provincial Trade Union Congress, assistant to the chairman of the group, and chairman of the trade union, attended the event.

In recent years, the group's trade union has given full play to the role of lubricants and conveyor belts, and has done a good job in the family of employees, which has effectively promoted the development of the enterprise. In particular, the collective wage negotiation work of the group has been highly concerned and recognized by the leaders of the General Assembly, the International Labor Organization, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, and the Provincial General Assembly, and made two typical speeches at the provincial collective wage negotiation conference.

In the next step, the group's trade union will strengthen ideological guidance and enhance the sense of the times; stimulate innovation vitality and improve the sense of participation; improve service capabilities, find a sense of gain, and make new contributions to the group's development.

It is reported that only two people in Zigui County were elected as representatives of the 13th Provincial Trade Union, and Comrade Hu Zhaoxing was the only representative of Zigui County enterprises.

(The 13th Congress of Hubei Provincial Trade Union)

(Yichang delegation to the 13th Congress of Hubei Provincial Trade Union)

(Qu Gu Group Hu Zhaoxing with National Party Representative and National People's Congress Representative Liu Faying)

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