Huang Tao was right when Yichang gold medal tour guide walked into Qugu Industrial Park.

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On the afternoon of June 16, Fang Ming, president of the Chinese Qu Yuan Society and professor of Beijing Language and Culture University, came to Zigui County Qu Gu Culture Research Institute, Wang Zuodong, vice chairman of the Chinese Regional Culture Research Association and honorary president of Qu Gu Culture Research Institute, Li Zhenglun, chairman of Qu Gu International Agricultural Group and director of the editorial board of Qu Gu Culture, accompanied by Li Pengcheng, president of Qu Gu Culture Research Institute and editor-in chief, visited Qu Gu International Agricultural Group, he also held a discussion on the study of Qu Gu's culture.

Recently, Yichang Tour Guide Association and Yichang Tour Guide Trade Union have successively led about 300 gold medal tour guides from Yichang City into Qugu Industrial Park to inspect the establishment of Qugu Industrial Tourism Industrial Park, visit the production line of tourism commodities, and actively offer suggestions for the construction of Qugu Orange Song Hall and the development of tourism products.


It is reported that since Qu Gu's products entered the tourism market in 2015, they have been loved and recognized by tourists, especially canned yellow peaches, orange honey and navel orange cakes, which have become the most popular companion gifts for tourists from all over the world. Qu Gu's canned yellow peaches have been built as the first brand of canned yellow peaches in the Three Gorges tourism market.
Qugu Orange Honey
Qugu Navel Orange Cake
Canned Qugu Yellow Peach (for tourism market only)
Coinciding with the beginning of the new production season of Qugu yellow peach, the tour guides enthusiastically got to know the advanced yellow peach production line at close range, fully automatic peach splitting and digging, peeling with alkali, cleaning and blanching, manual trimming, peach flap grading, weighing and canning, sealing and sterilization....... Smooth production technology, fully armed workers and continuous inspection quality inspection personnel make the tour guides feel that they are selling canned yellow peaches in Qugu and can sleep at night without worrying about the quality of the products.
The canned raw materials of Qugu yellow peach are completed within 24 hours from branches to canning. The fresh and nutrients are locked in time. The canned products are golden in color, free of red pigment, good in hardness, not muddy in soup and moderate in sour and sweet. A large number of customers have also been trained in overseas markets and domestic baking markets. We sincerely invite customers and friends to visit the company during the new peach production season.
Canned Qugu Yellow Peach (Baking Market Exclusive)

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