You must remember that when the Xiajiang River is a good scene, Zigui navel orange and winter orange opened its garden.

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After the Yichang Citrus International Buyers Conference, some customers returned to Qu Gu Company to discuss the business of navel orange fresh fruit, navel orange wine and navel orange sauce.

You must remember the good scenery of the Xiajiang River. When it was orange, yellow and orange, Zigui in the Three Gorges ushered in the most beautiful season of the year. The orange trees on both sides of the Xiajiang River were bent by the heavy golden fruit-Zigui navel orange. The villagers of Zigui ushered in a joyful harvest moment.

This morning, the 6th Zigui Orange Fair and Navel Orange Cultural Tourism Festival in 2017 was solemnly held in Lianghekou Town. The scene was full of people. Zigui orange planting experts, representatives of e-commerce enterprises and merchants and local people celebrated the grand ceremony.

Qu Gu Company has prepared a sumptuous gift for the guests and merchants on the spot. The warm orange honey brings a little warmth to the winter.

Lovely mascot to people read Qu Gu's philosophy and mission!

At about 10 o'clock in the morning, Zigui's 6th Orange Fair and Navel Orange Cultural Tourism Festival slowly kicked off in a wonderful opening dance!
County Party Secretary Lu Hui delivered a speech at the opening ceremony and inspected in front of Qu Gu's booth

Pinduoduo Group Gong and our e-commerce leaders discussed the details of cooperation.
Zigui-the hometown of navel oranges in China. Zigui navel oranges with excellent quality and unique flavor shine brilliantly in the whole country. As a place with fresh oranges all the year round, Zigui has Lunwan navel oranges in spring, summer oranges in summer, Quxiang autumn oranges in autumn, and Newhall and peach leaf oranges in winter.
In addition to the unique geographical location, delicious oranges are also inseparable from the hard work of fruit farmers. Citrus growers from all over Zigui came to the scene with the most beautiful navel oranges carefully cultivated and carefully selected! The prize for the grand prize winner is a car worth 50,000 yuan.

Zigui navel orange is famous all over the country, and Zigui electricity merchants have made indelible contributions. According to statistics, Zigui Micro-electricity merchants sold 65000 tons of Zigui navel orange in 2016, with an output value of 0.7 billion yuan. Qu Gu E-commerce Co., Ltd. is also one of the activists. Qu Gu E-commerce and Pinduoduo Group were at the signing ceremony.

All enterprises take active actions to sign the bill, and government departments escort the orderly operation. All functional departments solemnly promise: to escort Zigui navel orange and let people all over the country eat more at ease!
The world is so big, Zigui is my home, welcome to Zigui to see my home! Welcome to Qu Gu to taste Zigui navel orange and discuss the navel orange industry plan.


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