Qu Gu welcomes friends from home and abroad to come again

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When it comes to canned food, many people think of the key words are: preservatives, unhealthy, no nutrition, junk food... but is it true? In my impression, foreigners have a special liking for canned food. When I was a child watching foreign cartoons, I found Popeye loved canned spinach. At that time, I was greedy. Foreigners love canned food. According to Britain's largest canning company, an ordinary British family usually eats 15 cans in a week. Last year alone, they consumed a total of 0.36 billion pounds of canned food.

After the Yichang Citrus International Buyers Conference, some customers returned to Qu Gu Company to discuss the business of navel orange fresh fruit, navel orange wine and navel orange sauce. After the business talks, the company held a special outdoor buffet barbecue and bonfire party for guests from home and abroad.
The refreshing Qu Gu is preferably red in September, light and elegant navel orange dry red, crisp and fragrant Zigui bird navel orange cake, the fragrance of various trees and weeds given by nature, and the burnt fragrance of roasted mutton skewers in the cool wind, which are mixed into one, adding a bit of drunkenness and relaxation to this afternoon. Laughing and laughing will be the best memory.
Qu Gu welcomes friends from home and abroad to come again.

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