Vice Mayor Cui Weining and his party came to Qu Gu for investigation.

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On the morning of September 13, 2023, Cui Weining, vice mayor of Yichang City, Wang Wei, Deputy Secretary General of the municipal government, Deng Hongjing, Secretary of the Party group and chairman of the Municipal Association for science and technology, and his party came to Qu Gu to investigate the construction of popular science base.

Li Zhenglun, chairman of Qu Gu Group, reported in detail the company's production and operation, the construction of popular science bases and the company's future development plans. The research group pointed out that the development trend of Qu Gu's enterprise is very good, with deep corporate culture and distinctive products. Enterprises are encouraged to continue to strengthen science popularization work, play a leading role in science and technology, promote the development of modern agriculture, drive more citrus farmers to increase their income and become rich, and make greater contributions to the development of citrus industry and the economic development of Yichang City.

Gu Pengfei, head of Zigui County, and county leaders Li Ying and Zhou Ming accompanied the investigation.


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