Liu Youqiong, chairman of China Canned Industry Association, visited Qugu Group to inspect and guide the work.

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From April 11 to 16, 2021, all managers of Qugu Group participated in lean production management training, which was taught by Liu Qimin, senior consultant of SGS School of Management.

From April 24 to 25, 2021, Liu Youqian, chairman of the China Canned Industry Association, visited our company to inspect and guide our work.



Li Zhenglun, chairman of Qu Gu Group, and Dong Xiaoli, deputy general manager, reported in detail the company's production and operation situation and development plan. He accompanied Chairman Liu to inspect Qu Gu's production workshop, product research and development and quality control, as well as Qu Gu's Orange Song Pavilion. Chairman Liu believed that Qu Gu's development trend was very good and spoke highly of Qu Gu's product quality and production process innovation.



Subsequently, the two sides held a discussion and exchange meeting to conduct in-depth exchanges on the current overall situation of the canned food industry, industry standards and future development directions. Chairman Liu Youqian pointed out at the meeting that the canned food industry is a sunrise industry, and the processing of agricultural products into canned food is the direction and trend. At present, the domestic and international markets have great potential prospects, especially young people have a great demand for canned food. Canned people should start from the aspects of packaging miniaturization, contents leisure, catering and nutrition health, and follow the principle of "three products" to correct the name of the industry, it is necessary to unite to make consumers realize that canned food is the safest food, at the same time standardize industry standards, raise the entry threshold of the industry, eliminate some bad enterprises, help good enterprises continue to grow, and promote the healthy development of the industry.



Through this exchange, the relevant technical personnel of our company have broadened their horizons and understood the development history and future direction of canned food. Qu Gu Group will continue to enhance its own strength in terms of innovative technology, enriching varieties, improving product quality, and enhancing brands. At the same time, it will strengthen communication between industries and associations to make greater contributions to promoting the development of the canned food industry.

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