Qu Gu Group Went to Chongqing to Pursue Red Footprint and Help Team Building

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April 7 (Wednesday) Meet at 8:00 pm in CCTV News Studio Enjoy the great rivers, lakes, Wuhan and Hubei, and buy "Qi" for "Quan"!

In order to pursue the red footprint, carry forward the patriotic spirit, and temper the political character of loyalty and responsibility, Hubei Qugu International Agricultural Group Office, Purchasing Department, Finance Department and other logistics service departments launched the theme group building activity of "pursuing the red footprint, learning the knowledge of party history, and helping the team building" from April 17 to 19, 2021. Through visiting Chongqing Hongyan revolutionary base-Zhazidong, Geleshan, Hongyan Exhibition Hall, Jiefangbei, etc ", reviewing the stories of revolutionaries such as Jiang Jie and radish, inheriting the red gene and" red rock spirit ", and drawing spiritual nourishment from the revolutionary tradition.

During the visit to the Refuse Pit, the sky began to drizzle, adding a bit of sadness. The water prison in Zhazidong was less than 5 square meters in size, and it was wet. The torture instruments and the iron bars in it seemed to be always crying about what happened at that time... Zhazidong was a small coal mine in the outskirts of Chongqing. In 1939, it was set up as a prison by the Kuomintang military secret agents, and had imprisoned more than 300 revolutionaries. In prison, they endured torture such as tiger stools and barbed steel whips. They used 20 minutes of daily exercise time to exercise. They used the toilet as a "news agency" for exchanging information and were always ready to respond to the party's call. But on the eve of dawn, only 15 revolutionaries escaped from this "murder cave" ...... Just as the spirit described in the Party Constitution, the secret of the conservative party of the revolutionary martyrs, never forgetting to struggle hard for the victory of the revolution, they fought for communism all their lives and sacrificed everything for the Party and the people.

The tomb of the martyrs in Geleshan is buried with the bones of more than 300 martyrs. They were all tortured in the two magic caves of Bai Mansion and Zhazidong, and all sacrificed to the final crazy slaughter of the Kuomintang reactionaries. During the visit, everyone rarely spoke, with a heavy face, but silently in this realistic history book, learning the past history and remembering the dead martyrs!

Afterwards, everyone came to the "Hongyan Exhibition Hall", followed the guide to relive the tragic years, and experienced those Communist Party patriots imprisoned in the "Chongqing Sino-US Cooperation Institute" who were imprisoned and deeply persecuted. Still persist in the heroic feat of fighting the Kuomintang reactionaries to the end. When everyone came to the special part of "Chongqing's '11.27 'tragedy", they stopped one after another. They silently remembered the more than 300 revolutionary martyrs who fell under the butcher's knife of the enemy when victory was coming. Some colleagues even couldn't help but shed moving tears.

This group building activity provides a platform carrier for everyone to review the red historical memory, accept the influence of red culture and comprehend the essence of red spirit. Everyone said that through the team building activities, they have a deeper understanding of Hongyan spirit and team spirit, and are full of confidence in the future development of the company. In the future, they should strengthen their study, regard difficulties and hardships as grindstones, constantly enrich and improve themselves in the process of sharpening, do their work solidly and beautifully, start from their own work, start from the people around them, compare with the ancient sages and heroes and models, and make up for shortcomings, find the gap, love one's post and work hard, contribute to the society, and gather strength for the realization of the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

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