Endeavour with Heart-Qu Gu Group Held 2021 Spring Festival Commencement Mobilization Conference

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On February 4, 2021, Hubei Qugu International Agricultural Group held a bonus meeting of Wangjiaqiao Citrus Cooperative in Wangjiaqiao Village, Shuitianba Township.


Spring returns to the earth, and everything is renewed. On February 22, 2021, on the 11th of the first month of the lunar calendar, all employees of qu gu group gathered together to hold a grand mobilization meeting for the start of the new year in 2021. the main purpose of the meeting was to return to their original positions and concentrate their efforts.


The conference was presided over by Hu Zhaoxing, deputy general manager of Qu Gu Group. At the beginning, Qu Gu greeted her with great momentum, which fully demonstrated the vigorous and ready-to-start state of Qu Gu people.


For the first item on the agenda of the conference, Li Zhenglun, chairman of the group, and Dong Xiaoli, deputy general manager, will distribute red envelopes for all employees.


On the second agenda of the conference, Dong Xiaoli, deputy general manager of the group, delivered a passionate and inspiring New Year's mobilization speech. In his speech, Mr. Dong fully affirmed that in 2020, under the condition of focusing on epidemic prevention and development on the one hand, all departments have completed the scheduled goals and tasks, laying the foundation for Qu Gu's 14th and 5th new journey. At the same time, it is emphasized that in 2021, it is hoped that all cadres and employees will work together, work together, focus on new goals, and focus on starting a new journey from the four major aspects of lean, internal and external sales integration, innovation and development, and talent team building, and create new brilliance! Dong's speech was sonorous and forceful, which encouraged all employees and filled everyone with confidence in winning in 2021!


On the third agenda of the conference, chairman Li zhenglun solemnly announced the official start of qu gu group in 2021!


In 2021, Qu Gu's staff will sow a year's sunshine and reap the glory all the way. Sprinkle a year's sweat and blossom all the way. Pay a year's hard work to decorate the happiness all the way. Through one year's efforts, create a miracle all the way. In the new year, may we sail to the sea again and create Qu Gu's new splendor!

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