Shares, dividends, joy, blossom, true feelings, help warm people's hearts

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On February 4, 2021, Hubei Qugu International Agricultural Group held a bonus meeting of Wangjiaqiao Citrus Cooperative in Wangjiaqiao Village, Shuitianba Township. 166 households in the village received "red envelopes" and received a total share of 87840 yuan.

at the meeting,Du Hailin, head of the cooperativeintroducedDevelopment of cooperatives, summarizesQu Gu GroupSix-in-one Industrial Development Model of "Internet for Farmers' Scientific Research Units of Leading Enterprises, Professional Cooperatives, Industrial Base"the effectiveness,StatementCooperativesWillContinue to cooperate with Qu Gu Group, togetherActively assume social responsibilities, extensively absorb poor households into shares, give priority to the use of poor households to work, and provide free technical training and other services for poor households.

After the meeting,Chen Yanfang, Director of the Office of Qu Gu Group, under the leadership of Secretary DuComeFive disabled families in Wangjiaqiao Village, Shuitianba TownshipPoor householdsMediumVisited condolences, sent for themNavel orange deep processing products such as navel orange cake, canned orange, tea fruitAnd good wishes for the new year. to every household,TheyThey all had a heart-to-heart talk with the people in need, asked them in detail about their family life and physical health, and encouraged them to strengthen their courage to get rid of poverty and become rich, build up confidence in life, and strive to overcome difficulties in life.

This activityfully demonstratedQu Gu GroupNot forgetting the sense of responsibility to repay the society and the traditional Chinese virtues of helping the poor and helping the poor and being kind and charitable have warmed the hearts of the people in need, made them truly feel the care of the society, and strengthened their confidence in living hard. It is the duty of enterprises to give back to the society and care for the society,Qu Gu GroupIn the future, such activities will continue to be carried out to pass on love.

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