Yichang China Gas Company Helps Zigui Agricultural Products Sales to Deeply Cooperate with Qugu Group

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On June 16, 2020, the commencement ceremony of the production capacity improvement and central kitchen construction project of Qugu citrus intensive processing was held.

Recently, Yichang China Gas Company and its party came to Hubei Qugu International Agricultural Group to inspect Zigui Lunwan navel orange, navel orange deep-processed products and tea and other characteristic agricultural products, to discuss cooperation matters and help Zigui agricultural products sell.

It is understood that China Gas Holdings Co., Ltd. and the Hubei Provincial Department of Agriculture signed a cooperation framework agreement to help sell Hubei characteristic agricultural products. Zigui County Party Committee and County Government have actively contacted Yichang Zhongburn City Gas Company and Hubei Qugu International Agricultural Group. The new retail platform of Zhongburn "Hui Life" has launched Zigui Navel Orange, Canned Orange, Navel Orange Zongzi and other Navel Orange Deep Processing Products. In just half a month, more than 450 tons of Zigui Lunwan navel orange were sold, with sales of more than 500 million yuan. Nearly 100 tons of canned oranges, navel orange dumplings, navel orange cakes and other products were sold, with sales of more than 1.25 million yuan.

Yichang China Gas Company said that helping Zigui sell agricultural products is also a practical action for enterprises to fulfill their social responsibilities and make a list for Hubei. It will continue to work with Qu Gu Group to support agriculture and business, boost the economy, resonate at the same frequency, and overcome the difficulties together.

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