On May 4, 2020, Qu Gu played the strongest voice of Chinese youth in the new era.

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Qu Gu did a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic at the same time, at full capacity for the deep processing of navel oranges, made into navel orange tea, navel orange wine and other products sold at home and abroad, effectively resolving the market risks brought about by the epidemic, to help farmers achieve income.


May 4th Youth Day was established to commemorate the May 4th Movement, which broke out on May 4, 1919. It comes from China's anti-imperialist and patriotic 1919. In 1939, the Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Border Region Northwest Youth National Salvation Federation stipulated May 4 as China Youth Day. In December 1949, the Government Council of the Central People's Government of China officially declared May 4 as China Youth Day.


A group of pioneer youth took to the streets

young voice

Shock the surging times

Devote the blood of youth to the trauma of the motherland

Students marching on May 4, 1919



A group of warm-blooded young people went to Hubei

The face of youth

behind the mask.

Fight against COVID-19 with the best years

(Group photo of Fujian medical team in Qu Yuan's hometown)


Today is the May 4th Youth Day

The first Monday in May

Qu Gu People Raising the National Flag and Inheriting the May 4th Spirit

With a flag-raising ceremony

Intertwined with the hearts of young people

With clank sound strength

High-pitched ambition of youth

Raising the National Flag

Jointly Play the Strongest Voice of Chinese Youth in the New Era

(The scene of the flag-raising ceremony of Qu Gu Group on May 4)

young generation

Have ideals, skills and responsibilities

The country has a future.

The nation has hope.

During the "epidemic" war

The earnest entrustment and deep expectation in the general secretary's reply

As if still in sight

The new journey

In this five-four

already open

May 4, 15:00 p.m.

Let's meet in the cloud

The first show of bilingual live broadcast started by Qu Gu's two sales elites

At that time, a number of network platforms will be live

On this special day

Shake Sound Search-Qu Gu Food

Feel the youth together


Attached: Speech under the National Flag at the Flag Raising Ceremony in May 2020



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