"The painting in the poem · Qu Yuan's hometown" Qu Yuan's favorite taste of Qu Gu

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On October 12, the second Chinese farmers' poetry recitation and 2019 Zigui Harvest Festival were held in Leping, Quyuan Town.

On October 19, 2019, the second theme day activity-Yichang theme day activity was held at the second Hubei Garden Expo. On behalf of Yichang City, Zigui County introduced "Qu Yuan's hometown in the poem and painting in the main venue square of Jingzhou Garden Expo Park". The event uses the singing and dancing performances of Qu Yuan's hometown to show the local cultural characteristics and tourism resources of Yichang to tourists from all over the country, so that the beauty of garden art and urban cultural activities are organically combined to build a bridge for cultural exchanges and friendship.
In this activity, Zigui has more than 20 enterprise products appearing in Jingzhou Garden Expo Park. The deep-processed products of Qugu International Agricultural Group are very popular on site and the on-site sales are very hot. Lu Hui, secretary of Zigui County Party Committee, introduced Qu Gu's products to Jiang Hong, member of the Standing Committee of Jingzhou Municipal Committee and executive vice mayor, and Lu Jun, deputy mayor of Yichang Municipal People's Government. After tasting navel orange vinegar and navel orange cake, Mayor Jiang and Mayor Lu praised the products. At the same time, navel orange cake was deeply loved by Jingzhou people. It was generally evaluated that orange cake was sweet but not greasy and a hundred times better than pie.

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