Qu Gu Series Products Shine "The Second Chinese Peasant Poetry Recitation and 2019 Zigui Harvest Festival"

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Company Zigui County Qugu Food Co., Ltd. has shown canned mandarin, orange, yellow peach, whole peeled tomato, various kinds of beans and peas, and candied orange peels at the exhibition. We have rec

Euler of the great age, listen to the sound of the harvest. On October 12, the second Chinese farmers' poetry recitation and 2019 Zigui Harvest Festival were held in Leping, Quyuan Town. The activity is divided into three chapters: "The Universiade of the Times", "Home by the Yangtze River" and "Always Pursuing Dreams at First Heart. In the second chapter "Home by the Yangtze River", Mr. Hu of the group introduced the development status of the group from the aspects of the group's development history, brand building, new product development, market expansion, and long-term planning.
After the activity, Hu zong reported the current situation of citrus deep processing industry to leaders at all levels in front of qu gu's product booth. when he saw that an orange could produce deep processing products such as navel orange wine, navel orange vinegar, navel orange tea, navel orange zongzi, navel orange cake, etc., realizing "zero waste comprehensive utilization" of citrus, leaders such as Shang Xiangjie, the second-level inspector of the Hubei Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Du Wei, the director of the Information Center of the Hubei Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and Chen Qi, the deputy head of the Zigui County People's Government, praised and endorsed Qu Gu on the spot.    
In recent years, Qu Gu Company has abandoned the traditional citrus rough processing mode and has blazed a new path for the development of Hubei citrus industry. A batch of terminal products with high technology content, high added value and great market potential, such as navel orange wine, navel orange vinegar, navel orange tea, navel orange sauce, navel orange cake and navel orange zongzi, have been developed in cooperation with the academy of food and research of Huazhong agricultural university, and have achieved the comprehensive utilization of "zero waste" and "eating dry and squeezing" of "from flower to fruit, skin to residue and branch to leaf, fill the domestic citrus comprehensive utilization deep processing industry blank. In the field of citrus deep processing, it has obtained 4 national invention patents and 65 utility model patents. Two achievements won the first prize of science and technology progress in Hubei Province. "The model of making tea and sauce from citrus pomace" was promoted nationwide by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs as a typical model for the comprehensive utilization of by-products of agricultural products processing. The company now has "China's well-known trademark", "the national top ten agricultural products processing enterprise brand", "the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up fruit industry advanced unit", "Hubei Province fruit and vegetable industry three leading enterprises", "Hubei Province economic industry five leading enterprises" and so on.

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