Qu Gu Group Launching "Amoeba Business Model" Training

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From September 20 to 23, Qu Gu Group's "Amoeba Business Model" training was held as scheduled in the conference room on the third floor of the Group's headquarters. A total of 48 middle and senior management personnel from the Group's general manager office and functional departments, business and production systems participated in the training.
The theme of this training is "Amoeba Business Model" training and tool drills, with teachers Zhu and Li from Beijing Jinghua Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. as training lecturers. The training is conducted in a combination of teaching, discussion and practice. The teachers explained the common sense and basic concepts of amoeba, business process and organizational design, production and data analysis of business accounting statements, improvement of Pakistani leader's ability, Inamori's business philosophy, "Six Essentials" and other contents, shared valuable experiences in the practice of Kyocera's success and JAL's bankruptcy and reorganization, showed the actual cases of various enterprises and conducted exercises in combination with our company's actual situation.
In this training, all the participants were divided into 8 buses. The bus leaders led the bus leaders of each group to answer and share PK questions, and simulated the amoeba model for accounting rewards and punishments. Through this training, the bus leaders at all levels had a deep and intuitive understanding of the work connotation and enterprise essence of amoeba. While the management awareness was improved, the practical operation ability of making business accounting statements was also greatly improved.
This training has achieved the expected results. Starting from the actual situation of the group, combined with the current internal and external environment and development trend of the group, the trainees actively think and discuss in depth, and use the "amoeba management" mode to discuss the amoeba organizational structure, existing problems and improvement proposals of qugu group with "cost, cost and profit" as the center. It has laid a solid foundation for promoting the landing of amoeba business model in Qu Gu Group.

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