China Star-Cross-Strait Food Industry Event, Qu Gu Orange Peel Ding Won Best Word of Mouth Award

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In order to enhance mutual understanding among employees of various departments and enhance the team spirit of all employees, more than 200 employees of the group headquarters took five buses to Yichang Bailihuang Alpine Grassland Tourism Resort on June 15 to carry out a one-day team expansion activity.

The 2019 China Star Cross-Strait Food Industry Event opened in Jinjiang on July 20-22. The exhibition is closely linked to the entire food manufacturing industry chain, focusing on displaying the latest developments, latest technologies, and latest trends in the food industry, attracting compatriots from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan 456 companies and companies from 16 international countries participated in the exhibition. Qugu Group's snack foods such as canned yellow peaches, orange peel dices, frozen orange meat, orange peel shreds and dried orange slices were unveiled at the exhibition.
Qu Gu Orange Beibei Orange Peel Ding attracted countless powder at this exhibition. Friends, ministers, dreams, Fusheng impression, Qiao Bei and other industrial users came to the booth and greatly appreciated the market prospect of orange peel Ding. In order to do a good job in orange peel products, the company sent the product research and development team to Italian orange peel processing enterprises to study advanced technology. After returning to China, combined with the characteristics of local navel orange raw materials, the process has been customized. The process has been applied for invention patents, and the orange peel products are of good taste and color, which has caused a trend in the baking industry. At the annual award ceremony of "China Star-Food Shang Festival, won the 2019 cross-strait food industry" best word of mouth award ".
In addition, this year's group's pioneering and innovative orange peel series of moon cakes for the Mid-Autumn Festival is also a model for the application of orange peel, a star product, in baking practice. Moon cakes are mixed with fresh orange fragrance, taking you into a world full of vitamin C. Orange's sour and sweet are mixed with orange peel that touches taste buds, refreshing.

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