"Passion June, Flying Dreams" Group Team Expansion Activities Successfully Concluded

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On May 31, Founder Group's first consumer poverty alleviation event opened. Qu Gu's products entered Founder Group on behalf of the characteristic products of the Three Gorges Dam area, showing the achievements of Zigui navel orange industry to Founder Securities, China National Securities and Founder Medium Term Futures, and achieved good reputation and market benefits.

In order to enhance mutual understanding among employees of various departments and enhance the team spirit of all employees, more than 200 employees of the group headquarters took five buses to Yichang Bailihuang Alpine Grassland Tourism Resort on June 15 to carry out a one-day team expansion activity.
After the warm-up, the expansion activity officially began. All the participants were divided into nine teams. They brainstormed and completed the conception and design of their team names and slogans, the "Eagle Team", "Bright Sword Team", "Sea Eagle Team", "Raptors Team", "Dream Team", "Rockets Team", and "Thunder Team" came into being one by one full of passion and positive energy amidst laughter. With the loud slogans and high morale of the teams, Qu Gu's high-spirited fighting ambition has become the most beautiful scenery on the deserted grassland.
This outward bound training was carefully designed by Wuhan excellent outward bound training institutions in accordance with the principle of "minimum physical risk and maximum psychological transcendence". Under the leadership of nine team leaders, all the team members successively carried out "team ice breaking", "thrilling countdown", "minefield water intake", "thunder drum", "tug-of-war", "fire drill", "circle of strength" and other training projects. The well-designed expansion projects have aroused everyone's strong interest and enthusiasm for participation. With the cooperation of the team members, everyone actively participated, faced difficulties, boldly challenged themselves, and under the scorching sun, they did not reduce their enthusiasm at all. Facing these challenging and meaningful team cooperation expansion training projects, all the team members worked together to overcome difficulties, and no one flinched or gave up, with indomitable spirit and perseverance, everyone devoted himself to completing every training action conscientiously, went all out to accept every extreme challenge, and conquered projects that were once thought impossible. All teams have successfully completed the training of each expansion project. We shared the joy of success and the passion of challenge, and fully realized the profound understanding that team trust, effective communication, empathy, reasonable organization, leadership, execution and team cooperation are closely related to work. The whole team has experienced a spiritual journey of self-challenge and self-transcendence.
The one-day training fully demonstrated the good spirit of Qu Gu's unity and cooperation and striving for the first place, and enhanced mutual understanding and trust. Everyone deeply realized that the close relationship between individuals and teams, between individuals and individuals, and sharing weal and woe, further enhanced the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the team as a whole, and stimulated the infinite power of everyone to contribute to the vigorous development of the company.

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