Qu Gu's Products Enter Founder Group

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The sunshine in June is dazzling, the flowers in June are colorful, the smiling faces in June are blooming like flowers, and the songs in June are fluttering in the wind. In the laughter, Hubei Qugu International Agricultural Group ushered in the annual "June 1" Children's Day parent-child activities.

On May 31, Founder Group's first consumer poverty alleviation event opened. Qu Gu's products entered Founder Group on behalf of the characteristic products of the Three Gorges Dam area, showing the achievements of Zigui navel orange industry to Founder Securities, China National Securities and Founder Medium Term Futures, and achieved good reputation and market benefits.
Qu Gu navel orange intensive processing series products are favored by many white-collar workers on the spot, and also attract many buyers. Originally, life and dripping chips were very interested in the products. Navel orange itself vc and dietary fiber content is very rich, processed into a popular light snacks, products without adding, is a favorite of fashion white-collar workers.

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