Yu Haiping, general manager of Sinopec Hubei Branch, visited Qugu Group for investigation

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Yu Haiping, general manager of Hubei Branch of Sinopec Sales Co., Ltd., and his party visited Qu Gu Group for research.

On May 29, Yu Haiping, general manager of Sinopec Hubei Branch, accompanied by Yang Yong, head of Zigui County People's Government, came to Qugu Group to investigate the current situation of industrial development and held a forum on further cooperation between the two sides.
At the symposium, Yang Yong County Mayor warmly welcomed General Manager Yu Haiping and his party, thanked Sinopec Hubei Branch for its long-term support for the development of Zigui agricultural leading enterprises, and reported in detail the development of Zigui citrus industry.
General Manager Yu Haiping highly affirmed the development of Qu Gu Group, believing that Qu Gu Group has culture, brand, market, team and results. He hoped that on the basis of the original cooperation, the two sides would further optimize the cooperation mode, set up special classes, seize the time, speed up the progress, and give full play to the maximum benefits of cooperation. He said that as a central enterprise, Sinopec Hubei Branch will earnestly fulfill its social responsibilities, actively support the development of agricultural industries in poor counties, and strive to achieve a win-win situation between government and enterprises.

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