The Party Branch of Qu Gu Company Launches Party Day Activities with the Theme of "Party Members as Demonstrations, Post Training of Expert, Preparation for Guinness"

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On May 22, Jiao Chunhai, president of Hubei Academy of Agricultural Sciences, accompanied by Lu Hui, secretary of Zigui County Party Committee, went deep into Qugu Company to investigate the agricultural product processing industry.

On the afternoon of May 23, the Party branch of Qu Gu Company organized all Party members and comrades to carry out the May Party Day activity with the theme of "Party members as demonstrations, post training experts, and preparation for Guinness". According to the learning content of this theme Party Day activity, the branch also invited Li Zhenglun, chairman of the company, and relevant persons in charge of the company's office and finance department to participate in the activity. Xu Benyu, deputy secretary of the county party committee, Zhou Xiafang, executive deputy director of the organization department of the county party committee, and Li Li, secretary of the working committee of non-public economic organizations and social organizations of the county party committee, attended the event.
During the event, the participating party members and comrades collectively reviewed the party oath and completed the relevant standardized procedures of the party day activities. All the participants also concentrated on studying the relevant chapters of the "Regulations on the Work of the Communist Party of China (Trial)" and the "Zigui County Party Committee of the Communist Party of China Zigui County People's Government Several Opinions on Promoting the High-quality Development of the Private Economy"; during the study and exchange, party members and comrades combined how to play the vanguard and exemplary role of party members in their respective positions, and the current difficulties encountered in the work and suggestions on the party building work of the branch spoke enthusiastically. In his exchange and comments, Deputy Secretary Xu Benyu proposed that the branch should be built into a strong fighting fortress and a warm home of party members. He hoped that all party members and comrades of the branch would set an example of being diligent in learning, willing to contribute, brave in pioneering and meticulous.
The practice link branch of this theme party day activity challenges the Guinness Book of Records around the Dragon Boat Festival, arranging party members to take the lead in understanding zongzi culture, mastering and learning zongzi processing skills, and preparing for participating in and serving zongzi activities. In the practical activities, Deputy Secretary Xu Benyu and comrades of the higher party organization went to Qu Gu's zongzi processing workshop together with party members of the branch to learn and experience zongzi making. During this period, Deputy Secretary Xu Benyu had a cordial conversation with front-line employees, asking about their daily output, wages and income, and personally asked front-line employees about zongzi making skills.

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