Group to develop the Japanese market, the chairman led to participate in the Chiba food exhibition in Japan

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In 2019, the production of zongzi is about to start. In order to fully reflect the enterprise management concept of "everything revolves around production and sales", on the occasion of the 109th "March 8th" International Women's Day, Qu Gu International Agricultural Group launched the labor competition activity of "Celebrating March 8th, comparing energy and promoting development" on the morning of March 8th.

At the beginning of the new year, in line with the group's development strategy, March5-8On the 2nd, led by group chairman Li zong, qu gu's foreign trade team went to Japan to participate in the chiba food exhibition held in tokyo.

The Chiba Food and Beverage Exhibition in Japan has the highest reputation in the Asia-Pacific region. It is as famous as the International Food Exhibition in Cologne, Germany and Paris, France. It has become the world's third large-scale food and beverage special exhibition and the gateway for Japanese products to enter the Japanese market.2019Annual Exhibitors Exceeding3000home, with more7Ten thousand people.

The citrus deep processing products exhibited by the group at the exhibition, such as citrus peel, canned citrus, canned vegetables, etc., were recognized by new and old customers. During the reception of new and old customers nearly 60. The customers at the exhibition site recognized the strength of the group very much and confirmed the samples on site. Many guests said that they would arrange to inspect the company's base and factory in the short term and carry out further cooperation.

During the period, the company also investigated the Japanese market in depth, and was deeply impressed by the spirit of craftsmen who strive for perfection in Japanese society. Stones from other mountains can be used to attack jade. Some good ideas and practices in Japan will also provide reference for Qu Gu's development and growth.

The Japanese exhibition provided strong support for the group to further enter the Japanese market. The group strengthened management around the high requirements of the Japanese market, improved product quality, and worked hard to build a century-old Qu Gu.

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