Inheriting Qu Gu's Culture and Carrying Forward Qu Gu's Spirit

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On December 7, under the influence of strong cold air, Yichang City cooled down sharply, and Zigui ushered in heavy snow. Qu Gu Group learned that temporary migrant workers in the citrus processing workshop had less clothes to carry with them because they were far away from home. At the same time, it actively mobilized social organizations to participate in the donation activities. With a gentle call, cadres and workers in the economic development zone also sent more than 100 cotton-padded clothes and trousers early in the morning, A total of more than 300 cotton-padded clothes were donated, which solved the urgent need of more than 200 temporary migrant workers who lacked cotton-padded clothes.

On December 29, the 2018 annual summary meeting of qu gu cultural research institute and the fifth pen meeting of "qu gu's appointment" were successfully concluded in Hubei qu gu international agricultural group.

The theme of the conference is "Inheriting Qu Gu Culture and Carrying Forward Qu Gu Spirit". The conference reviewed the main work in 2018. In 2018, under the guidance of the overall ideology of further studying the cultural connotation of Qu Gu, building Qu Gu's characteristic culture, carrying forward and inheriting Qu Gu's spirit, consolidating Qu Gu's cultural research positions and achievements, serving and promoting the development of Qu Gu Group and citrus industry, Qu Gu Culture Research Institute carried out its daily work in a solid manner, actively promoted the research work to a higher level, and won more extensive affirmation and support from the academic circles and industry.

The meeting affirmed the achievements of 2018 and put forward the working ideas for 2019. Under the leadership of the Qu Gu Culture Research Institute, the first is to continue to run "Qu Gu Culture", expand the author group and influence, and improve the quality and quality of the journal. The second is to carry out the "Qu Gu Have a Date" pen meeting activities to promote Qu Gu's culture and inherit Qu Gu's spirit. The third is to declare cultural projects, strive for cultural quality, and create a characteristic culture. Fourth, a high-level symposium was held at the Qu Gu Cultural Research Institute.

Qu Gu Group has long attached importance to the construction of corporate culture and the study of Qu Gu culture, which has played a role in the development of the enterprise.

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