Qu Gu Group Held the Second "Celebrating June 1, Parent-Child DIY Activity"

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In order to further improve the quality of employees and better show the spirit of the enterprise, on May 31, 2018, the group headquarters hired professional etiquette training lecturers and held a special training on business etiquette. Nearly 100 people participated in the training.

On the occasion of the 69th international "June 1" children's day, qu gu group held the second "celebration of June 1, parent-child DIY activity" at the group headquarters on the morning of June 2. the activities were rich and colorful, attracting more than 30 employees' families to participate enthusiastically. Meng Bao spent a happy and unforgettable festival accompanied by the staff of the activity group.
This activity organized the staff's family DIY to make zongzi and cakes, so that children can fully experience the fun of their own hands and brains, and guide children to establish the outlook on life, world outlook and values of "labor creates happiness" from an early age. Many games such as "rabbit dance" and "clip table tennis" were also set up in the activity, which were deeply loved by children. In the activity, the children and their parents had a pleasant interaction, which further deepened the communication and exchange between the children and their parents, and fully demonstrated the good family style of Qu Gu's happy and harmonious family. Finally, the families participating in the activity also participated in the group taking photos of the thanksgiving zongzi endorsement, leaving behind a beautiful moment.
The company attached great importance to this activity and set up a special activity group with Hu Zhaoxing, assistant to the general manager, as the overall coordinator. The administrative, financial and sales departments of the headquarters transferred more than 10 people to participate in the activity service. Chairman Li Zhenglun and deputy general manager Dong Xiaoli participated in the whole process and gave each child special holiday gifts such as comic books, thanksgiving dumplings and Qu Yuan statues. For employees and children, this activity is a kind of communication, a kind of companionship, an experience, and a welfare given by the group to employees. The group vigorously promotes the "home" culture, and hopes that through this activity, employees can enjoy family affection and joy after work, create a harmonious small home for employees, share the fruits of enterprise development, and add vitality to the development of enterprises!

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