Chinese Brand · World Sharing -- Qu Gu Attends the First China Independent Brand Expo

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At the beginning of New Year's Day and New Year's Day, Qu Gu's factory has been busy in an orderly way. Just yesterday, the company successfully launched the production of orange peel, a new citrus intensive processing product developed by the company after more than a year. The shiny orange peel indicates a new atmosphere in the New Year and is the best New Year gift from the production department to the group.

Chinese Brand · World Sharing -- Qu Gu Attends the First China Independent Brand Expo
On May 10, the first China Independent Brand Expo and China Brand Development International Forum opened at the Shanghai Exhibition Center. This event was organized by the National Development and Reform Commission in conjunction with the Central Propaganda Department, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the Ministry of Commerce, and the State Market Supervision Co-sponsored by the General Administration, the State Intellectual Property Office and the Shanghai Municipal People's Government. Qu Gu participated in the exhibition as one of the representatives of Hubei brand.
Huang Chuping, Member of the Standing Committee of Hubei Provincial Party Committee and Vice Governor of Hubei Provincial Government, had a cordial exchange with Li Zhenglun, Chairman of Qu Gu Group, on the development of Qu Gu's brand.
The model of making tea and sauce from Qugu citrus peel residue is promoted nationwide by the Ministry of Agriculture as a typical model for comprehensive utilization of agricultural product processing by-products.
The China Independent Brand Expo aims to showcase my country's brand development achievements, expand brand awareness and influence, shape a good image of Chinese brands, establish brand economic development concepts, strengthen brand development confidence, stimulate product consumption, promote brand power construction, and meet people's better life needs.
The theme of the fair is "Chinese brands, shared by the world", which is limited by the National Development and Reform Commission, and the selection of exhibitors is very strict, in addition to requiring exhibitors to be independent brands. it also puts forward requirements on the main business strength, industry influence, consumer awareness, credit status, independent intellectual property rights, and so on. A total of 22 enterprises from Hubei Province participated in the exhibition.
Qu Gu Group has registered the "Qu Gu" trademark in 14 countries and regions, which has improved the overseas popularity of Qu Gu brand. "Qu Gu" trademark became "China's well-known trademark".
Qu Gu Booth
Culture is the soul of the brand Brand is the carrier of culture
Exhibition site
Li Zhenglun, Chairman of Qu Gu Group, was invited to participate in the China Brand International Development Forum
Qu Gu's Elegance
It is reported that the China Brand Development International Forum held at the same time aims to build a domestic and foreign brand development exchange platform, create a good atmosphere for brand development, shape a new image of my country's brand development, enhance the driving force of my country's brand development, establish a brand development concept, show an open and inclusive attitude, and build A win-win relationship of cooperation promotes all-round pragmatic cooperation in brand development.

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